Spokesmodel/Brand Ambassador

Living The Brand 2015

We are living through a marketing and sales revolution, and there has never been a more dynamic time for brands and retailers. Retailers are never satisfied with the status quo and are in constant search for new ideas and new ways to help clients build their brands amidst the evolving dynamics of empowered consumers leveraging new technologies.


I wasn't surprised about this change, in fact I understood that People would be at the center of how brands connect with consumers. The old ways of mass production and mass marketing are no longer working. Brand ambassadors are prepared to lead the revolution, not just respond to it.

Our unique capabilities of reaching consumers in the community, at retail and online have proven to be a winning service model for clients. Delivering these services seamlessly across North America is a big part of why we are proud to be brand ambassadors and I am proud to be a part of it all!