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A Diabolical Event at Hannaford In Albany, NY

Posted by Arlene Reinhart Johnson on June 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Yesterday I executed a Starbucks Event.  Starbucks came out with an instant coffee in Vanilla Latte and Caffe Mocha and it is very good.  However, this event did not start out on the right path...

It was originally scheduled for June 2nd, but there was no supply in the stores so the event had to be moved to a later date.  The event was moved and still no supply in the stores.  Now, I could have scheduled other events on these dates, but c'est la vie.  Anyway, the company pushed the event off again and this time I could not execute the event due to my scheduled vacation.  So another brand ambassador was called in and she turned out to be unreliable.  She was scheduled twice for the event and never followed through.  When I came back from vacation, the Starbucks box was still sitting on my porch waiting for her to pick up, so I scheduled the event again!  The day before the event I tried to call the store, the phones were not working!  I tried to activate my debit card, the card could not be activated!  I had to get that straightened out.  Finally, on June 18th, I arrive at the store to have this event and more fun began!  The carts locked up on me.  Yup, diabolical event!!!  I would unload the car with all my supplies and then I couldn't move the cart.  So I got another cart, same thing happened.  I put everything back in the car, head toward the store, hat blowing off my head as I am running through the parking lot and when I get inside I spoke with customer service.  An employee there told me the carts lock up so people won't take them from the parking lot.  It was suggested that I move the car closer to the store and try it again.  I move the car.  It doesn't matter, three more carts locked up! Take the stuff out of one cart, move it to another cart... again and again!  Now I need to get help from the store and as I am walking quickly through the parking lot I hear, "Hey, I got your cart!"  A hippy looking dude or homeless man (couldn't tell) is  trying to push my cart on two wheels toward the store!  He was watching me with a group of his  "people"/"folks"/"friends" and thought he would help. I thanked him and told him to stop by for a cup of coffee in about a half hour.

A half hour later, I am still not set up.  I cannot find the vendor cart because the store is using it for one of their events, but then I finally find it. As I am setting up, the nice hippy guy finds me and wants a cup of coffee.  I told him to just give me a few more minutes to setup and by now I am really flustered!  He said, "Don't worry, it will all come together." Well, as it turned out he was right it did all "come together".  

He came back, got his Starbuck Coffee sample and I gave him a box to take back to his "people", "folks" or "friends".  All and all the event was a success and quite a few boxes of Starbucks Instant Coffee sold!

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